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Smoosh, I also love my carbs and I am allergic to dairy. I found out about 15 years ago. I had psoriasis as a kid and once I cut out dairy, it went away. I find I have a threshold and I can tolerate the amount of the protiens in goat's milk. I stick to mostly the cheese because that is where my addiction is. I kid you not, I ate 5 lb a week of cheese in college.

I second the gimmick dieting, because you really do have to do something that works for you and will continue working forever. I also second the whole grains. We don't eat wheat in our house because of celiac disease, but we eat a lot of rice, corn, ancient grains. When I eat rice I usually eat white, because I don't like the texture of brown rice, although we eat brown rice pasta. Another good grain is quinoa.

I've managed to cut out potato chips (mostly) and cookies, which really helped me lose my weight.

Anyway, just a few suggestions and to let you know that you are not alone!
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