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Smoosh, you must be younger than me, because Richard Simmons coined the phrase "Live-It" back in the early 80's. Believe me watching him scream "LIVE IT" while dancing around in sequin covered short shorts is an image I can't forget (not that I haven't tried).

As for things to eat, I have cut out most of the "white" foods mentioned above, and only eat whole grain, low-carb, low-cal, low-fat carbs. The whole family has been switched over to 35 calorie/slice, whole grain bread and I only serve whole grain pasta as well. Those are really easy changes and you can make them without feeling deprived. I have not given up potatoes, (considered by some to be another "white" food), only nowadays I cook them with very little added fat, and usually in such a way that they don't need butter.

If you're allergic to cow's milk, have you tried almond milk? I use it as coffee creamer and to make smoothies and homemade ice cream. A good percentage of people that are allergic to milk tolerate yogurt, so you might try Greek yogurt. It's very high in protein and tastes like sour cream.

While grocery shopping I try to stay away from things in cans, boxes and full of ingredients I can't pronounce.
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