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Originally Posted by Fdmayestr View Post
Moderator did not answer the question as to how to add a friend. The page says I have no friends but their is no "add friend" button. Lame programming.

Maybe you just didn't understand the answer to the question because he did answer the question.

If you are on your Online account (and you have made your profile public) you can follow the steps below to add a friend:

Click on the "Profile" tab, then scroll down to the bottom, and where it says "Public Journal" click on the link that says "Public Settings Page"

Once you have clicked on that at the top of the page under where it should say "Welcome, Fdmayestr" or above the "My Public Settings" tab - there is a search box that says "Find a member"

You need to know the person's username that you are searching for, and once you do, type their name into that box...hit Search and your member's page will come up.

On the left there will be a 'Send Friend Request' button - you will need to click on that.

Hope this helps!
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