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Default I want to go on a LIVEIT!

Ok, so maybe that word is made up... but my point is, I don't want to "DIE" trying to lose weight. Also, when I think of dieting, I think of something short term -- or that is finite.

So, I want to go on a "LIVE"-it. I want to eat sensibly, and affordably, and don't really want to do any gimmick dieting.

My biggest challenges are that I love carbs. Breads, rice, pasta, you name it. I'm italian, and grains have always been a huge part of my diet -- though I know I'm overdoing them.

I'm also allergic to milk (since birth) though I've never really curbed my diet to exclude dairy products. I'm a cheese & ice cream fanatic too, but am willing to cut back on those items for the sake of good health.

So, with all of that being said, I was looking for suggestions on menu plans that I might try to keep my meals satisfying, better portioned and lower in calories.

On a side note, some things that I'm proud of which I've accomplished over the past few years with the help of my hubby, is cutting fast-foods and carbonated beverages out of our diet. We no longer go to any restaurant that has a drive-thru attached to it, and when we do treat ourselves to a rare soda, it's usually a diet drink (but less than 1-2 times every few months).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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