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Default It's Day 7!

Day 7, workout number 6 of the 91 day challenge.

It's a weight training day. Saturday, I bumped myself up 5 lbs on a few moves - it was challenging, but I got in 8 to 10 reps, so I was ready for that next level.

So for most moves, I'm working with 20 lb dumbbells. I can probably put the 15-pounders away soon. I think upright rows are the only move now that I use 'em for.

I'm a little sore from running intervals yesterday, but I'm happy I did it. (I used to be a runner.) I miss it.

I downloaded some new cardio playlist tunes - it makes a huge difference. Listening to the same tired songs over and over (and over), no matter how fun and funky they start out, can get to be a drag. Three of my favorite new tunes (beats good for about 4.1 mph on the treadmill):

Here I Come - The Roots
Illegal Tender - Louis XIV
The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) - Morgan Page

Hmmm... maybe playlist tunes should be their own thread.

84 days and 59 workouts to go!

Oh! To Babs... sorry - no, I don't do facebook.
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