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Originally Posted by maryann1950 View Post
I think you may be gaining muscle! just keep at it. If you don't lose much be comforted knowing you are getting fit. By the way muscles burn more fat as they build up. Good luck. I'm pulling for you.
I've considered that; it just seems unlikely to me that I've built up enough muscle to be measured in pounds. A couple of pounds of muscle is a lot, if you think of something like steak. Then again, unlike the last time I tried weight training, twenty years ago, this time I'm eating enough protein.

I'm definitely feeling stronger, so that's good.

I agree with the other poster (whose name isn't visible to me as I type this), that it's probably that I haven't been doing enough cardio. I just get worn out so easily, being unfit, that it's hard to really get into it. Whatever I do has to be something that won't aggravate my foot injury, can be done in the house or at least with kids who hate physical activity in tow. So mostly I'm jogging around the living room a little. I find that it's hard to make cardio exercise a planned, regular part of my schedule, because some days it makes my foot start hurting immediately, or is just too tiring. Some days I can jog in place for 45 minutes and feel great, other times I'm exhausted and feeling really cruddy after two minutes. Same thing with walking. So, I can do what I can, but I can't count on being able to burn X amount of calories that way. If that makes sense. Strength training is more satisfying because although I use challenging weight, I rest quite a while between sets. So, I get worn out, but in a good, healthy-feeling way.

But yeah, I guess I need to make it a priority to get in better cardio-vascular condition. I've found that whenever I start a cardio fitness regimen, everything is great for a few weeks, then I get sick or something, and end up less fit than I was before, and can't quite get into the groove again.
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