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I'm in a similar boat with you, 41 with about 30 pounds (35 actually) to lose and it all seems to be in either my belly or my thighs. The weird part is that I look back at old photos of me when I was at this weight and my stomach was darn near flat, so I've lost a lot of weight, but my fat is all in different places now.

I'm with you on the calories, too much less than 1,500 - 1,600 and I'm just mean and prone to spiraling out of control binges. I do cardio about 5 hours/week, and to up that just might kill me, so I'm thinking I need to keep a very close eye on the protein intake, maybe add an extra hour of weight lifting every week, switch a workout from running to swimming, and focus on keeping my calorie deficit higher. I don't know, this battle is getting much harder and the fat I have left is more cunning than my brain...
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