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It sounds like the only thing you're not working hard at is cardio...which may be exactly what you need to lose the fat. Try working more cardio into your days. And keep in mind that cardio doesn't necessarily need to have you huffing and puffing and exhausted. The best exercise to lose weight will make you breath deeply (slightly out of breath), but won't have you gasping for air. To lose weight, the muscles need to be getting enogh oxygen during exercise, otherwise they just burn sugars.

Depending on how fit you are now, walking could be enough to get your heart pumping and get you breathing deeply, especially if you have a hill or two to go up and down. The exercise itself doesn't have to be very intense, as long as you do lots of it; long gentle exercise is the key to fat loss.

Also, if you're aimin for a half a pound to a pound of weight loss a week, you need a calorie deficiet of 250-500 a day, on average, over the course of a week. So the exercise you do needs to be burning more calories than you're taking in. This is where some people find it easier to cut back calories, but if you just up your exercise, you don't need to eat less.

Keep posting with your frustrations and we'll all try to help!
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