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Congratulations. I simply haven't really tried to diet much in the past, though I have been 60-70lbs overweight now for 10yrs +!! I LOVE this site, it is so easy to use, and since I work on my computer (and study on it too - doing a Masters!) everyday, it is simplet to mark as my homepage on my browser and update it every time I log in!

Am detoxing right now, which I admit is horrific, but apparently it's really good for your body. It goes as follows:
Days 1 & 2, drink juice of 1/2 squeezed lemon in water at mealtimes, drink plenty of water (no food!)
Days 3 & 4, eat only fruit at mealtimes, and drink plenty of water
Days 5 & 6, eat salad vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water
Days 7 & 8, eat cooked vegetables (steamed/boiled - if boiled you can drink the water they were cooked in as it's packed with vitamins), you can also eat fruit & salad vegetables
Days 9 + Gradually re-introduce healthy other foods like chicken, fish, etc.

Anyway - My mothers BF is 80yrs old and swears by this! I am on day 2, so am rampantly hungry! My mum said that the lemon juice thing is 'hellish' and that if I feel the need, I can bring everything forward by a day!

Anyway, read an awesome quote on a blog site the other day (Weight Management) it said "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels" and that's really stuck in my brain!

Love & best wishes to all...
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