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Well put Sailordoom!!! While I'm not an archeologist, I do love a good documentary or book on Paleolithic theory. Whenever I come across a theory on eating "like they did 500 or 5,000 years ago", I think to myself that it may sound plausible on the surface but what to we really know about what they ate? We know about some of the animal bones and/or shells found in trash dump sites and we might find seeds of some sort, but I would bet we can't even begin to fathom many of the foods they ate or the processes by which they prepared them. It's also quite possible they ate things we would be repulsed by like insects, larvae, maybe even dung or toenails. Even in reading accounts of North American settlers, it's very clear they ate seasonally, and rarely consumed enough fruits and vegetables by today's standards.

So like you, I remain somewhat skeptical over the absolute validity of those diets, although I suspect there are good points to all of them. I practice something very simple for choosing the foods we eat, basically if I can grow it, raise it and/or shoot it, there's a good chance it will turn up on our table. However, anything full of sugar, chemicals or ingredients I can't pronounce is out of the question.
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