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Originally Posted by zorba1331 View Post
Good for you. It sounds like you are mostly on your way to a healthy lifestyle. The low grade cardio (between 55-75% of max heart rate) is ideal. I know you felt like you needed/could handle more, but keep that level up and start lifting heavy things. If you can, chuck in some sprints once every two weeks or so.

If you really want to lose the excess fatty bits and lean out, cutting out grains will really help. When people get constipated after they cut out their grains it is because the homeostasis in their gut was always off, but cutting out the grains no longer masks that issue. It just takes time. I wasn't 'going' for awhile after I cut out grains, but now all is well.

You are eating more vegetables and getting good quality carbs from those micronutrient rich sources, you don't need/want the carbs from the grains. There is virtually no health benefit from eating them and you are nearly there so go for it!
Thank you. I feel the need to mention, though, that I am doing very intense interval cardio and I lift heavy weights before that (on non-consecutive days), so the exercise issue isn't real a big deal. I just feel like there are so many conflicting sources out there regarding whether to eat high carb before and/or after a workout, and I'm never certain which side I should believe.

For example, this morning I ate 1 cup of cereal and a small bit of skim milk about an hour and a half before my all-cardio workout. It gave me enough energy to get through the workout, but if I'm to believe what I hear certain people say, I shouldn't be eating at all before a workout if I want to lose the last of my fat. It can be kind of a confusing thing when everyone seems to say something different, you know? :P

Plus, I guess I'm just concerned that my body already seems more than capable of losing weight really quickly and easily without touching my diet, and I'm already at a low weight (115, and several people have already commented that I look 'too skinny', 'very slight', etc.), that if I cut calories anymore, I'm afraid of what could happen. I'm already eating well below my RDI for total calories as well as total carbs. Basically, if I cut out grains, I'd be on a low carb diet, am I right? That's not a very healthy territory, as far as I'm concerned. That's not a balanced diet.

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