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Originally Posted by xo_liana View Post
Losing the first, say, twenty or thirty pounds, I was just walking and I didn't eat any junk food on a regular basis. I had to ease my way into exercise, a) because I was out of shape and overweight, and b) I've had chronic illnesses all of my life which cause severe pain in my legs. I wasn't sure how hard I'd be able to push myself. As far as dieting, though, the only major difference was switching from white bread to whole grain, and everything stayed the same for awhile.

After that, I had to up the intensity of my workouts, because not only were they too easy and I wasn't losing weight, but my legs were feeling much better and I felt like I could tackle more. I started doing circuit training with the help of an at-home program and some free weights, so I was then incorporating both weights and more intense cardio at the same time. At this particular time, I was having severe stomach problems (they've since stopped), and I was only eating around 600-800 calories a day. That's basically a starvation diet, I know, but I really couldn't help it. I relied a lot on the complex carbs to get me through, since they seemed to be the easiest for me to handle. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of muscle mass by not eating enough protein, and by just not eating enough calories period.

After the stomach problems ceased, I switched my workout program yet again, and I'm basically where I am now. I'm eating a lot, and eating a very balanced diet. I used to hate vegetables, but now I'm eating about 8 servings a day, as well as a couple servings of fruit. Cutting out most of the grains is both a conscious and unconscious decision. After I found out that I really, really love vegetables, my need for grains subsided, so I really didn't find myself wanting as many; also, I wanted to see what effect it would have on my body if I stuck to having just one serving in the morning a couple of hours before I work out. So far, it's going well. I have days when my body tells me I need more of this or more of that, and I always listen and try to accommodate.

If anything, my doctor doesn't want me losing any more weight, but it just keeps coming off. I have no idea where it's coming from, though, seeing as how certain muscles are getting bigger, but the only fatty area I have is staying the same.
Good for you. It sounds like you are mostly on your way to a healthy lifestyle. The low grade cardio (between 55-75% of max heart rate) is ideal. I know you felt like you needed/could handle more, but keep that level up and start lifting heavy things. If you can, chuck in some sprints once every two weeks or so.

If you really want to lose the excess fatty bits and lean out, cutting out grains will really help. When people get constipated after they cut out their grains it is because the homeostasis in their gut was always off, but cutting out the grains no longer masks that issue. It just takes time. I wasn't 'going' for awhile after I cut out grains, but now all is well.

You are eating more vegetables and getting good quality carbs from those micronutrient rich sources, you don't need/want the carbs from the grains. There is virtually no health benefit from eating them and you are nearly there so go for it!
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