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Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
The argument that the human body stopped evolving 10 000 years ago is not conclusive. There are arguments against this statement by qualified medical studies. No, I will not cite them here because I am not as passionate to win this argument as you are. If you want to believe that this Primal Blueprint is the panacea that you have made it out to be, that's fine with me. The truth as I have observed it is that for several of its claims there are qualified counter arguments.
It isn't inconclusive. The conclusion on one hand is based on the poor manner in which we process our food. We didn't have the diet related issues then that we have now. I like how people like to make claims yet don't bother to make any effort to back their claim and I am the one who is not behaving properly in the forum lol!

Who cares why the Paleolithic people died young, I am just saying that without any of them living well into old age, it's impossible to conclude what the long term effects of their diet is on our bodies today, 10 000 years later.
Without any of them living well into old age? You don't believe that they all died at 35 do you. You understand that their average life span at 35 means their mean, not their max age, right?

Why would you believe that human evolution would suddenly stop 10 000 years ago anyway? It doesn't seem plausible to me. In fact I am willing to put money on the notion that we are still evolving. Many years from now we won't have wisdom teeth. That is called evolution.
I don't believe that we suddenly stopped, but genetically our bodies aren't designed to deal with the modern diet. The evidence in this lies in the ailments and illness that are rampant in our society.

RE: wisdom teeth---?? huh??? source??

As for your quote, "Our lifespan is much longer, but we are all sick, fat and on some sort of drug to keep us from keeling over!"

If this is truly what you believe, I feel very sad for you.
This isn't what I believe, this is fact. The level of obesity in this country is at an all time high and climbing.

Obesity rates in America

Obesity and Overweight for Professionals: Data and Statistics: U.S. Obesity Trends | DNPAO | CDC

Obesity rates rise throughout USA

What an angry and negative perspective you have on the world and people as a whole. So basically you are saying that if a person is overweight or a person is on medication their life has no value?
Nope, that isn't what I am saying at all and the fact that you draw that parallel is laughable.

I would counter that by saying, "Yahoo! You are in great shape and have a lot of energy so you will live a long time, but who wants to live with that much vitriol against their fellow human being. Is life worth living when you are spiritually and emotionally sicker than any of us here?"
Wow...what a conclusion you have drawn, all because you refuse to do any research that may go against what you believe to be true. Methinks someone is a wee bit closed minded here...

Keep in mind, I USED to be a full on believer in whole grains and ate bread at every meal. I was never fat or unhealthy, but I made a change because I got some education and the research that I have done makes sense and there is independent (not government driven propaganda) that supports it.

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