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Originally Posted by midwestj View Post
First of to say Americans are fat because they eat too many whole grains that break down into sugar is silly.
No, no it isn't. What do you think happens to that huge helping of whole wheat pasta breaks down?

I don't think anyone out there is getting fat off rye bread and oatmeal.
Alone? Nope. I have read many food logs where people are eating up to 250 grams of carbs per day and they wonder why they feel like they are working against themselves.

Secondly all food that is not protein, or fat, breaks down to sugar or indigestible cellulose, so tell us to avoid grains because they break down into sugar is also silly.
Ummmm...wrong again, check your science and then get back to me.

Zorba we get it that you are a fanatic of mark's daily apple, but you need to take a step off your soap box and stop talking down to the members here. Many members here have achieved REAL DOCUMENTED weight loss, using many different methods, to go around telling them they are wrong and only your method is right, is more than a little conceded.
That's awesome that people are losing weight, but weight loss and health aren't always hand in hand. Oh and it isn't MY method at all. The thing is, it is SOOO SIMPLE yet people want to complicate it with all the sillinenss. Cut out grains, exercise and the weight will drop off. Period.

I thought this was a food forum where people are to share ideas and back those ideas with evidence which is exactly what I have done. The issue isn't with me, it is with those who would rather stick their hands over their ears and yell blah, blah, blah, blah...I don't want to hear it because it is different!

I have been direct, yes, but it isn't really my issue if people can't handle hearing something that flies in the face of their firm beliefs. Going against the 'grain', so to speak, sometimes makes one unpopular. Dr. Atkins was threatened with his life because of his beliefs (correct albeit) about diet.

People were also quite irritated at the suggestion that the earth was not flat...

You should try being more polite. Suggestions are helpful and encouragement is even better, but when I read most of your posts I dislike the mood. I think the way you post your messages is very unbecoming of fitday. If you are going to continue to preach mark's daily apple up and down these boards how about you start off by making your log public, and document your weight loss for us.
I don't have much to lose so my log would be pretty boring. At worst I have maybe been 10 lbs overweight. I have never had a weight issue. I am living the Primal lifestyle because it makes sense and it is closer to the way we were genetically designed to live. I am trying to lean out and get that six pack that I have never had before (because of eating an abundance of 'healthy whole grains and healthy fruit smoothies') and I came to fitday as a means of keeping tabs on my carb intake--then I found the forum.

I do CrossFit 3x per week, cut out grains and sugar (ice cream was a daily thing for me as well as whole wheat toast and rye bread--no, I wasn't overweight, but I have never been lean either.) Gone are the constant changes in energy levels and headaches no longer exist as well as any general aches and pains that I used to get. I don't have that feeling of 'gotta eat' because my insulin levels are far more stable. I never get that bloated, full feeling after a meal anymore and as a result would rather go for a nice walk after dinner as opposed to flopping on the couch in front of the tv. My world doesn't have to revolve around food anymore, I can go hours without eating and feel fine. When I do eat, I enjoy as much healthy, tasty food as I like.

My friend, however, has had a great deal of success living Primal. He has lost 60 lbs since the middle of March. His inflammation has gone down considerably, his energy level is skyrocketing and his performance at CrossFit is improving weekly. He is doing things that he never thought possible and he isn't rationing, restricting calories or stressing about every little food item that gets put into his mouth. He eats as much as he wants and continues to drop at a rate of 3 lbs per week.

People should try not being so defensive or sensitive. Weight loss is easy, but countless people want change without making meaningful changes.

Have a look at the Primal Blueprint because it works, not because I said so. If I made the hair on some people's neck bristle, fine, but don't use that as a reason to not learn about something that really is a healthy and successful way to live life. I have nothing to gain by people checking it out. I share because it makes sense and it works. There are loads of success stories and reasons to buy in on their forum. Go ahead and take a chance...go against the grain...
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