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Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
Not only is the biochemistry of the human body very complex and not fully understood yet, there are just as many scientific studies that will argue that the human body has evolved since the time before agriculture became standard practice, and therefore whole grains are easily digested by those who have no allergies to them. Some people are lactose intolerant. That doesn't mean no one should drink milk, peanut allergies are also common and perhaps some cavemen died from peanuts. The point I'm making is just because a few doctors or scientists say that grains are bad for us, that is not conclusive enough for me to radically change my diet to totally eliminate a whole food group.
The human body stopped evolving right around 10 000 years ago when grains were introduced into our diet. We DON'T respond well to grains which is why there are multiple dietary related diseases running rampant in our society.

Lactose intolerant IS normal. NO mammal on earth drinks milk beyond infancy besides humans. Not one. Being able to digest milk is actually a genetic mutation that has that person still able to produce lactase beyond infancy which isn't supposed to happen.

The evidence that grains are bad for us is far well known beyond 'just a few doctors' the problem is that there is HUGE subsidies and money handed out to farmers and lobbyist to protect the food/grain industry. Big Pharmacuetical company's control a great deal in this country as well, they WANT people sick and taking drugs daily in order to make money.

The average life span of the paleolithic human was 35 years so the reality is we don't even know what would happen to their bodies after 70 years of eating such a diet. I don't know a lot of people who suffer from diet-related illnesses before they turn 35 so is it reasonable to say that we should eat the way Paleolithic people ate thousands and thousands of years ago because they were healthier? We are all pretty damn healhty before 35 years of age.
Ahh, yes, the lifespan argument...often children died at birth skewing the life span, but our ancestors had to deal with things like predators on a daily basis. Infection was from injury and injury related deaths were also a reason for early death.

Yahoo! Our lifespan is much longer, but we are all sick, fat and on some sort of drug to keep us from keeling over! It is one thing to live a long life, but thriving within that lifespan is an entirely different animal.

Another point Zorba made which I find completely impossible to back up scientifically is that 66% of Americans are fat because they eat grains. That is simply his opinion. I believe so many of us are overweight because of portion size and the quality of the food we eat.
Exactly. The fact that the food that we eat is grain based (where do you thing high-fructose corn syrup comes from--corn...which is a grain........). We eat too much crap food and grains whether it be in the hidden form or flat out from eating whole grains are the culprit. Now you are catching on!
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