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Default Don't believe the hype!

Originally Posted by littlegreeneone View Post
Hello Everyone,
I've noticed a lot of threads regarding the Atkins diet. I just hope that all who follow this diet understand the SERIOUS health concerns associated with it.

First of all, your body and your brain need carbs to function properly, period. The brain thrives off of glucose, basically sugar from carbs. When there is not enough glycogen to be used by the brain, your body turns to fat stores, which is why many people lose significant amounts of weight on this diet.

However, after a long period of lack of carbohydrates, the liver begins to produce ketone bodies leading to a condition called ketosis. Ketone bodies create an acidic pH in the blood, causing the body to suck calcium out of the bones to neutralized the blood pH.

This kind of diet can stress the liver and kidneys, destroy muscle tissue and lead to weaker bones. Its definitely a quick fix for losing weight fast, but just ask yourself if its really worth the health risks. Remember, Dr. Atkins suffered a heart attack which the American Heart Association linked to the Atkins Diet.

Just in case you were wondering, I choose to follow a raw, vegan diet.
I see a couple of people have already straightened out the fact from fiction so I will spare you the repetition and chastising, but I encourage you to do a google search for "inuit diet." These artic natives have been living for hundreds of years on a diet built exclusively on fat and protein. Also be aware of the fact that ketogenic diets are used to treat childhood epilepsy, and these children stay on such a diet for long periods of time with no ill side effects. Finally, Dr. Atkins did not die from a heart attack. He died from complications related to a head injury after a fall that put him in a coma. There is evidence that he had heart complications at one point in his life, but that was reportedly a heart infection that had nothing to do with his diet. Critics of his diet like to point out that he was 258 pounds at the time of death, but much of this weight came from organ failure and bloating during his coma. He was 195 pounds when he was first admitted to the hospital after his fall. If you do the research, you will also find that much of the negative publicity about the Atkins diet comes from an organization called "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine," a group backed and funded by PETA. Some of the other doubt comes from the dietician community, who typically use USDA recommendations as the basis for their dietary advice. The USDA is the government organization that was created to give government representation to farmers. Wheat, corn, rice, and soy are the biggest crops in the US, so it's no surprise that they have a problem with a diet that advocates carb restriction. It's unfortunate but true that political influences have given a negative connotation to this otherwise healthy diet.

I would also like to add that, while there are plenty of Atkins brand products available, the book does not suggest or even recommend that they be purchased. They are designed as convenience products meant to be used infrequently in a diet made largely from fresh, whole, natural foods. In one version of the book, Dr. Atkins even gives the ingredients of his multivitamin so that readers can get the ingredients of that vitamin from other sources (I found that GNC Men's Mega was very close in most of the ingredients and much cheaper). I don't use any of the Atkins brand products and the diet is working wonderfully for me.

stats, inspired by Ron

Male, 6'0" tall, 37 y/o

Starting weight, 4/19/10 (started Atkins) = 287
6/16/10 (finished Atkins book & joined Fitday) = 261
latest weight 7/21/10 = 248.5
mini goal (wedding) 9/4/10 = 235
ultimate goal for lifetime maintenance by 4/19/11 (one year mark, 100 pounds loss) = 187
This will be my lightest weight since high school!

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