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Originally Posted by zorba1331 View Post
Yeah...but you also believe that cows are fed grass and all that stuff...
Did I mention that my family owns a farm and raises beef cattle? So not only do I believe that cows are fed grass, I know it for a fact. And our farm is pretty much like all the other dairy and beef farms around here and yes they all feed their cows grass too. Why? Because grass just grows right up out of the ground and it's FREE for the price of munching. Corn isn't free, you either have to buy it, or you have to give over a portion of your real estate for 100 days and grow it.

I feel quite certain that zorb is intentionally inflammatory simply for the sake of advertising another website, which in my book is spam. So I'm done being insulted and explaining myself. I'm not going to read any more posts by zorb, and I urge the rest of you to do the same. Poof gone, no more zorb....
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