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Every single one of you are WRONG, WRONG AND VERY INCORRECT.

There is nothing unhealthy about the 4 Phases of Atkins. It is not a NO carb diet. It is a controlled carb way of life.

The way Atkins was orginally intended (before Dr Atkins passed away) was with the consumption of WHOLE and ORGANIC foods. Pick up the 2002 edition of the book and read it. You will find how much you are all wrong with the myths and lies you are spouting here.

Phase 1 - Takes out all carbs, except for a long list of Vegetables and Protein. You eat 20 grams of carbs in the form of Vegetables. This is done to rid your body of cravings for sugars and starches.

Phase 2 - This is where you start adding in more veggies higher in carbs and start adding in fruits, grains, beans, legumes, dairy and alcohol according to the Carb ladder (which is based on the glycemic index). You add in 1 category of foods at a time to check to see if you have any food intolerances.

Phase 3 - Pre-maintenance. You find the MAXIMUM carb count your body can handle and weight loss slows down so you can start learning to maintain.

Phase 4 - Lifetime Maintenance.............

Before you come on a public weight loss forum with the myths and lies about any eating plan. DO THE RESEARCH - READ THE BOOK FOR YOURSELF.

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