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Originally Posted by zorba1331 View Post
What part of Greece? My father is greek and a few of our staples were olive oil (often sent in straight from my relatives olive trees), olives, feta cheese and anchovies.

The diet sounds great with the exception of the legumes and whole grain starches. Don't eat any grains or processed anything and you will drop 20 kg's like nothing. I wouldn't bother with the legumes either. I know greeks love their lentils (fi-kess) but they really are hard on our digestive systems.
Hi Zorba
How lovely to hear from you. I live in Athens.
I agree with you re processed foods and I avoid these as much as possilbe. While I've heard of grains impeding weight loss, e.g. wheat intolerance, I can't understand your objection to legumes. They are featured in so many current diets, including Fat Smash (even in the Detox phase), South Beach, McDougall, Fuhrman etc etc. Some people find they can cause flatulence until their digestive system gets used to them, but I find that soaking in several changes of water before cooking helps reduce this considerably.
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