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Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
Okay you have definitely piqued my interest... I have tried to eliminate grains and once I do, I get constipated. To me that is not a healthy reaction.
You might want to read this:

Why Do Doctors Recommend Fiber For Constipation When The Federal Drug Administration Says It Is Against The LaWhy Do Doctors Recommend Fiber?

As for me "only losing 10lbs since mid-May," your advice would be much better received if you didn't communicate so condescendingly. May 26th was my start date and that is not midway through the month. I have lost 11 pounds in exactly 9 weeks and I am happy with that.
That's great. I bet you would be happier with more, right? 2-3 lbs is reasonable, healthy and attainable weight loss.

Unfortunately it is difficult for me to lose weight but for an overweight person, I am in very good shape.
Of course it is, it is difficult for ANYONE to lose weight and still eat grains. You are working against yourself.

I have NEVER had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any health problems of any kind. I keep my carb intake around 40% and I eat natural whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein including fish, chicken and lamb. I avoid anything white, bleached or enriched.
White or brown grains are grains and they break down to the same thing=sugar. Your insulin level spikes and unless you are lacing up your shoes to run for a long time, it will get stored as fat.

I think sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing and I am always open to learning something new so I will click on some of the links you have provided, however I will never believe that bacon and eggs is a healthy breakfast. I do love Greek yogurt though!
There are LOADS of people on that site who have lost and continue to lose loads of weight while enjoying uncured bacon and Omega 3 laden eggs daily.

Before and after pics

Conventional wisdom used to say eggs were bad, now they are good but without the yolk, now the yolk is good. It is very confusing isn't it?

The reality is you are overweight and are looking to lose weight. Here is a good question: How did you get overweight to begin with? How about try something different! If you want something different, do something different and you might be pleasantly surprised. What have you really got to lose but...well...weight???!

I apologize if you feel I have been condescending, but the reality is people don't need grains. 66% of americans are fat due to their belief in conventional wisdom regarding their diet and their unwillingness to let go of ideals that have never really worked for them in the first place.
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