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Originally Posted by zorba1331 View Post
Please explain-how your digestive system 'goes out of whack'. I would like to hear your no grain experience from the past. There are no such thing as healthy grains. We don't need them. Read the above posted links or clarity. I see you are overweight and have only lost 10lbs since mid-may. Cutting out grains, fighting through the first 2 weeks of withdrawl from carbs/sugars will be a challenge, but once you are beyond that, you will reach your goal weight with relative ease. Grains=carbs=insulin spikes=fat storage. It really is as simple as that.
Okay you have definitely piqued my interest... I have tried to eliminate grains and once I do, I get constipated. To me that is not a healthy reaction.

As for me "only losing 10lbs since mid-May," your advice would be much better received if you didn't communicate so condescendingly. May 26th was my start date and that is not midway through the month. I have lost 11 pounds in exactly 9 weeks and I am happy with that. Unfortunately it is difficult for me to lose weight but for an overweight person, I am in very good shape. I have NEVER had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any health problems of any kind. I keep my carb intake around 40% and I eat natural whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein including fish, chicken and lamb. I avoid anything white, bleached or enriched.

I think sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing and I am always open to learning something new so I will click on some of the links you have provided, however I will never believe that bacon and eggs is a healthy breakfast. I do love Greek yogurt though!
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