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Now, I could be wrong here, but the fibre found in fruits & veggies and the fibre found in grains are completely different, and the way your body digests these kinds of fibre differs as well. I know, speaking from personal experience, if I cut out all types of high-fibre grains and relied solely on the fibre from my daily fresh produce intake, I would be constipated. I've tried this before and I felt terrible. I eat way less grains than I used to, but even when I was eating bread several times a day, I was still losing a tonne of weight. I guess my point here is, everybody's different and just because you have had to cut out most grains to achieve your goals, doesn't necessarily mean everyone else has to.
Nope, you don't have to, but you ought to.

There is a detox that your body goes through when you don't eat grains. Essentially what you are addicted to is the sugar. It takes a few days, but it goes away. Endure that process and you will feel better than you ever thought possible.

Conventional wisdom has everyone convinced that we need them...but we don't. The food industry makes a LOT of money out of selling people grains and processed foods so they are going to do everything they can to convince you that you need them. You really don't. It is hard to not eat grains. They taste good and they are everywhere, but if you want something different, you have to do something different.

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