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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
You can get plenty of fiber from beans, fruits and vegetables. Bean do have a lot of carbs, but at least you get a ton of protein along with all that fiber. Grains just have a lot of starch and not too much protein, whole or not. Plus, you can get really creative with the numerous types of vegetables out there. And you can substitute cauliflower for most of the things grains are used for in other recipes. IMHO it's best to stay away from grains as much as possible. I save my grain "points" for the odd slice of cheesecake, but other than that I don't touch them much.
Now, I could be wrong here, but the fibre found in fruits & veggies and the fibre found in grains are completely different, and the way your body digests these kinds of fibre differs as well. I know, speaking from personal experience, if I cut out all types of high-fibre grains and relied solely on the fibre from my daily fresh produce intake, I would be constipated. I've tried this before and I felt terrible. I eat way less grains than I used to, but even when I was eating bread several times a day, I was still losing a tonne of weight. I guess my point here is, everybody's different and just because you have had to cut out most grains to achieve your goals, doesn't necessarily mean everyone else has to.
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