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m330 I'm still struggling with keeping up with the cardio, I'm improved insanely, but thats just for me, I started as a vegetable who was never active. I felt like I must not have been getting a real workout because Id stop so much. But the reality was that my body wasn't anywhere near as fit as the super people in the videos and I really was working my body to absolute exhaustion. Were all differant. As long as you actually push yourself a tiny bit more each day youll get to where you want to be in the workout
That's good to hear. I tend to worry about my heart rate getting up and staying so high--actually, not so much worry, as just having to stop to get my wind back (I'm asthmatic, so cardio work can be tough for me.) Currently, I've got to let my shin splints calm down before I make a serious run at Insanity--I'd consider it quite an accomplishment to be fit enough just to complete one of those workouts. Congrats on your results with the program.
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