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Originally Posted by stamatiaa View Post
I know that is commonly argued, but its not my personal experience with weight loss. I want to be clear that my point is not generally about FAT, but OIL (all oil is extracted). Plus, there is growing support for the position that all extracted oils (though olive is certainly best), because of how calorie-dense (and nutrient poor), can hinder weight loss.

I would be curious as to how people who are having 'oil' hinder their weight loss are eating otherwise. What are there total carbs per day? Grains?

Oil/fats always get the blame, but I would be willing to bet a large sum of money that their carb intake is above the 50-100 grams per day number. If you are eating high protein, high (good) fats and the right carbs--loads of veg, no grains and the right fruits, the weight loss will follow.

Read this thread of success stories if you like:

Before and after pics

Carbs drive insulin drives fat.
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