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Originally Posted by stamatiaa View Post
Hello - My parents are from the Mediterranean. I see may Greeks overweight (or moderately overweight) even on the traditional Mediterranean diet since its high on oil (albeit olive) and dairy (espcially cheese), and often grains, and honey too.
The fat from the olive oil isn't the enemy, it is the grains and the baklava drenched in honey and cookies with powdered sugar that are the issue. The oil doesn't cause a spike in the insulin, the rest of it does which if the muscles are deplete, replenishes it, but the rest gets stored as fat.

The food/veg in Greece is soooooooo good--THAT is what a tomato is supposed to taste like along with the watermelon, etc The BREAD is sooo fresh and with feta cheese and olive oil it is borderline heavenly, but you MUST ditch the bread for your health and weight loss.

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