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Originally Posted by Sunny112358 View Post
Is anyone here doing the Greek Doctor's Diet? This is a low GI/GL plan inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, with emphasis on vegetables, pulses/legumes, lean protein and limited amounts of fruit, dairy, olive oil and wholegrain starches. Also, has anyone here tried 5-HTP and/or Zotrim? Did they help?
I'm new here. I have to lose around 20kg, so I need your support. I'm Australian but I married a Greek so I have been living in Greece for 25 years. I have an eight-year-old son, a cat and 15 canaries. I teach Applied Linguistics at a university, examine English and am a teacher-trainer. My hobbies include cooking and knitting.
What part of Greece? My father is greek and a few of our staples were olive oil (often sent in straight from my relatives olive trees), olives, feta cheese and anchovies.

The diet sounds great with the exception of the legumes and whole grain starches. Don't eat any grains or processed anything and you will drop 20 kg's like nothing. I wouldn't bother with the legumes either. I know greeks love their lentils (fi-kess) but they really are hard on our digestive systems.
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