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Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
I agree with you Almeeker. If I give up grains all together, my digestive system goes out of whack. Of course I totally avoid anything white, refined or processed but small portions of healthy grains are good for me.
Please explain-how your digestive system 'goes out of whack'. I would like to hear your no grain experience from the past. There are no such thing as healthy grains. We don't need them. Read the above posted links or clarity. I see you are overweight and have only lost 10lbs since mid-may. Cutting out grains, fighting through the first 2 weeks of withdrawl from carbs/sugars will be a challenge, but once you are beyond that, you will reach your goal weight with relative ease. Grains=carbs=insulin spikes=fat storage. It really is as simple as that.

Of course what you eat is super important but exercise is just as important. I don't have a very good metabolism and if I don't exercise, I simply do not lose weight. I have been running 3X week, doing Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" 3X week and I add at least 2 power walks to that per week. It seems like a lot but the 30 Day Shred is a 20-minute workout and easy to squeeze into my morning routine.
Weight loss is 80% diet-related. You are working out a LOT and I feel you are getting limited results. It doesn't have to be as difficult as it has been. There is a way to lose weight, get healthy and eat as much great food as you want for the rest of your life. Your goal weight will come and go with little notice.

Keep your carbs to between 50-100 grams per day and the weight will drop off. That is, however, very difficult for grain eaters since a cup of oatmeal is 32 grams per carbs and two pieces of whole wheat bread is around 24 grams. Seems like a pretty healthy breakfast but one meal puts you at 56 grams of carbs--over half of you daily intake! What do I have for breakfast pretty much daily? Bacon and eggs or a huge omlette loaded with meats and veggies. Maybe some blueberries with some full fat greek yogurt if I feel like it.

At that rate throughout the day it is VERY difficult to have any kind of meaningful deficit without totally starving yourself. Nobody can sustain eating so little which is why pretty much everyone fails at their 'diet'. Who wants to eat like a mouse? Not me.

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