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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
Actually on cows and farmers you might be wrong. While bovine of any kind will certainly eat corn, stalk, cob and all, it's cost prohibitive to feed it to beef cattle, since corn is a cash crop to most farmers. So to feed corn to cattle would be about the same as feeding them dollar bills (which by the way, they would eat, since they will eat darn near anything). Beef cows are let out to pasture spring, summer and fall, and eat mainly grass, during the colder months they are usually fed 1st cutting hay, (the cheapest cutting) which consists of mostly grass and weeds. Some farmers use growth hormones in order to make them grow larger and stronger as fast as possible, which some claim to cause obesity in humans (I've eaten hormone-free beef for the last 20 years and was obese for most of that, so I don't necessarily agree on that point). Also truthfully most beef farmers are not the least bit interested in "fat" cattle, because that decreases the market value of the whole herd, and increases disease and health issues (ie vet bills). Dairy cows on the other hand are fed corn, which in turn they make into milk, which nature intended to be fed to a 200 pound baby cow, not an adult human. But I digress....
On an ideal, natural farm, what you describe is correct. Visit a feedlot sometime and tell me how much grass and hay those cows are eating. Most cows are started on grass when they are young and finished on 'grain', which is corn--100% corn, not sure, but corn is fed as well as a boatload of other garbage. Read this:

what do cows eat( ya gotta read this

Watch Food Inc, that will be an eye opener for starters. Grass-fed beef is very difficult to find and at a premium price when you do find it. Why? Because it is RARE that a big farming company feeds their cows the right, natural way which allows them to grown naturally.

As to weather or not corn is a grain, it's a fine line. When most of us eat it off the cob, out of the can or frozen out of a bag, we tend to think of it as a vegetable. When it's dried and ground we think of it as a grain. And when it's divided and processed we think of it as a sugar or a starch. It's one of those foods that sits on top of the fence between categories, with a little something for every body.
Corn is a grain, period. It doesn't matter what form, it is a grain. If you want to fool yourself thinking it is a veggie, that is fine, but it is a grain.

Corn Is Not a Vegetable | Mark's Daily Apple

After 4 years on that diet she outgrew her allergy and we have been able to gradually bring gluten grains back into the house. All I can tell you is that we are all much healthier now than we were the last days of being GF. There are nutrients in grains that aren't readily available from other sources, so to abstain completely might be good for your waistline, it's not so great for the color of your skin or the regularity of your GI track.
I would be curious as to what your diet was during that time. People get off grains and their skin clears up, their glow returns and their GI tract is just fine. Not only that people's blood pressure drops, their diabetes disappears and, like your family member, allergies disappear. People are brainwashed into thinking being 'regular' is highly important. Being regular often means you are just consistently pumping out a load of waste.

So she you say she 'outgrew' her allergy and then you put her back on whatever it was that likely gave her the allergy? Over time, her allergies will return with the accumulation of grains in her body.

There is NOTHING that you get from eating grains that you can't get from other foods. There is NO reason to eat grains.

Read this:

The Definitive Guide to Grains | Mark's Daily Apple

Why Grains Are Unhealthy | Mark's Daily Apple

As for you being 'healthier now' I guess you are the one making that claim, but what are you basing that on? I see you have lost a lot of weight in the last year and that is awesome, but as far as you being healthier BECAUSE of grains, no. Most likely because of all the garbage you AREN'T eating and that you have chosen to exercise.

Our bodies are not genetically evolved to process grains the right way and with the HUGE amounts of carbs people eat each day because of grain based products, our bodies are in a constant state of inflammation and there are the plethora or diet related diseases.

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