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Originally Posted by midwestj View Post
I recently began doing calorie restriction and eating wholesome and healthy foods. I was wondering how much fat I can intake in a day and at what point will it hinder my weight loss.

When eating lean protein and things like mixed nuts, skim cheeses, or eggs the fat can add up quickly. How much is too much? Yesterday of my 2210 calories 26% was fat is that too much? total intake: 65.6g fat 228g carb 186g protien.

I'm not as concerned with an actual weight number, my goal is to gain lean mass and lose body fat.

For the purpose of calorie restriction my goal weight is 185 and I'm intaking about 2200 a day.
If that is your goal, you need to get your carb total to less than 100 grams per day. Less than 50 if you really want to get serious.

Regular maintenance is at 150 grams per day and you are 78 grams above that level even (on that particular day).
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