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I actually do eat grains when I'm dieting, but I stick to low-fat, low-cal, whole grains, approx 200 calories/day and no more. For those servings of grains I use whole wheat low-cal bread, whole wheat crackers, rye crispbread, rice cakes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc etc.

I also have 3 servings of fresh or fresh frozen fruit, and I try to mix it up, like one apple, one banana, and maybe some berries. I also try to stick to locally grown fruit in season, well except for the bananas and oranges, which don't grow here in the north.

I eat as many fresh and fresh frozen veggies as I want. 3 servings of orange veggies/week minimum, and 2-3 servings of green leafies/day. I do limit the veggies that are high in carbs, like corn, peas, potatoes, to not more than 3 servings/week. Although in the summer when the garden is growing like mad, I eat whatever I picked today, forget the limitations. I figure if I put in the work to plant it, weed it, pick it, wash it and cook it, then I darn well have burnt enough calories to eat it.

Protein protein protein. There are a ton of sources for protein, some of my favorites are: eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, tuna, chicken, lean cold cuts, rf cheese, protein bars, protein shakes, etc etc. I do limit beef to not more than 3X/week. But that's not a "diet" rule so much as a personal preference. I like beef just fine, but have trouble digesting it, same for the greasier cuts of pork.
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