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Question Artificial sweeteners


I realized about a year ago that I was allergic to Aspartame. I had a severe rash on my shin - nowhere else - just the shin; a very itchy localized rash that would act up, just about vanish, then act up again. I went to my doctor numerous times over the years, and after trying all kinds of ointments, nothing worked. It was so severe at one point that he biopsied it, but the results did not indicate anything.

So I finally discovered myself it was the soda pop because I used to drink alot of diet soda, and after I quit drinking it (about a year ago), the rash disappeared. Perhaps it could be some other chemical in pop...but I am guessing it is the Aspartame.

Now, I am starting to wonder if I am also allergic to Sucralose. Have recently started eating more yogurt. Have been buying the low fat yogurt, making sure it is the aspartame free type (but it contains quite alot of Sucralose). I eat this nearly every day. I also noticed some of the granola bars I have purchased also contain Sucralose....and ya, the rash is back. These artificial sweeteners are hidden in alot of products!

My goal is to eat naturally, less processed/chemical laden food - so maybe this is really a blessing in disguise! Perhaps I would just be better off with the full fat, all natural yogurt and homemade granola bars sweetened with honey?

Just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this type of sensitivity to artificial sweeteners, or processed foods?
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