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Phew! I was wondering if there were any other 'Grok's' over here!

I have been Primal for 8 weeks and I never had a ton of weight to shed, but I have never had a flat stomach and am bound and determined to get it!

I started doing CrossFit in mid march (LOVE IT--hate working out but LOVE CrossFit) and because I was working out so hard I felt I earned that loaf of rye bread a week and a ton of fruit and store bought smoothies! Needless to say after 2 months I felt like my shorts were getting tighter!

I went to a seminar by Dr. Gundry (Diet Evolution) bought his book and learned a ton. My sig. other and I followed Gundry for about a month until I found MDA and we have been Primal ever since. I have started seeing signs of leaning out (just reduced the fruit intake to be sure I am hovering between 50-100 grams per day of carbs) and my performance at CrossFit is really starting to improve.

My sig. other had a lot more weight to lose and I am proud to say that he has lost 60lbs since mid-march.

Some of my favorite primal recipes are: cauliflower crust pizza, lazy man's cabbage rolls, noodle-less lasagna, spaghetti squash and meat sauce and coconut milk and strawberry/banana ice cream. YUM!

For me Primal is the way to live and the only way to live. I am so focused on getting lean, eating grain/processed food is not difficult at all. In fact, being Primal just gets easier the more you know what foods you like and how to shop.

I highly recommend it and am surprised more on here aren't talking about it.
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