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Originally Posted by rockmonky View Post

I'm sorry you had such a difficult time on a vegetarian diet. I think everyone has find a diet that suits them and their needs. I say, there's nothing wrong with eating meat as long as you know where it's coming from. The best option
is supporting local farmers and choosing grass-fed or even organic meat.

Unfortunately, some people seem to have trouble absorbing iron. Even some meat eater are actually iron deficient. How are your iron levels these days?
Actually, my parents are local farmers, so knowing exactly where my meat comes from and what it's been fed, is a given, well beef and hogs anyway. They don't raise poultry anymore. I also put in a pretty large garden (2 acres) and do a lot of canning, so I have to buy very few veggies.

My iron levels are pretty good these days. To keep them up I take a daily iron supplement, and eat red meat at least 2 times/week, usually closer to 3 (because there's 1/2 a steer in the freezer). I still feel that I could be a vegetarian most days, I just don't crave meat very often. But I know from past experience that it's not my path to good health. The interesting part of my situation is that both of my parents have similar absorption issues as does one of my daughters, who in fact was hospitalized for anemia and had to have blood transfusions. At the time that happened she wasn't following a strict vegetarian diet, but she was little and really didn't eat a lot of anything let alone meat.

My SIL is a hard core vegetarian, and she's always trying to convince our children to abstain from meat, even though I've explained to her repeatedly why it's not an option for them. We've explained it very carefully to our children why they can't or at least shouldn't be vegetarians, so they at least understand and just brush off their aunt when she starts up with it. It's not that I'm against a vegetarian lifestyle, it's just that I can't participate in it, nor can my children.
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