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Originally Posted by gallusgal View Post
Well, I know this is the success. thread and there are some amazing stories on here, but I thought it would be okay to start a thread about the small successes that give us a lift and keep us going on the road to our goals.

I have lost 10lbs so far (started on Jan 4th) and one of the things that got me started was my 'moonface' in pics from Christmas time. I can definitely see a difference in my face already and I am so happy about that!

Has anyone else noticed some small difference that makes it all seem worthwhile? Please share!
Nice job on the weight loss so far. Keep it up!

During my "journey" I've come across quite a few nice little milestones that I've enjoyed hitting.

* After suffering with heartburn for over two years... I was amazed to see that it went completely away after I dipped under 300 lbs.

* Also after going below 300 or so, I no longer got pains in my calves from just walking around.

* When clothes become too baggy

* Fitting into a lower size

* This is a huge one... when the clothes from my closet that had been too small for years finally became too big.

* Lost my double chin (finally decided to shave my beard, there's nothing there to hide anymore)

* Having to buckle my belt one notch tighter... then having to buy a new belt and having to keep buckling that one another notch tighter.

* Kind of a weird one, but it made me happy... being able to touch my big toe to my nose w/ both feet... Losing weight has increased my flexibility.

* On that same note, being able to sit comfortably "Indian-style" with crossed legs.

I'm sure there's more, but there has been plenty of results that have kept me motivated along the way!
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