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Default Hey now....

No more of this 'giving up' nonsense, Alyssa.

You listen to Auntie Kimmy, now. Don't make me come kick your butt.

Plateaus are natural. Our bodies adapt to what we ask them to and that's just what yours has done.

Plus, when you weighed more, your body required more calories to maintain itself. Unfortunately, smaller people need fewer calories to do the same tasks that larger folks do. (Sucks, but it's true.)

Your body will respond to shaking things up a bit. Increasing the time or intensity (or both) of your cardio sessions may get you out of your rut.

Likewise with your strength training. There are lots of training methods to mix things up. Try one of these:
  • Going a bit heavier and reducing your reps
  • adding a second (or third) set
  • trying acsending or descending sets
  • changing the exercises you're doing for each body part
  • splitting your routine
... there are lots of things you can do!

Talk to me. What exercises are you doing? Dumbbells, resistance bands or machines? How heavy? How many reps and sets?

Fret not, my dear. I'm sure we can think of something that'll help!
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