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i'm so excited, we've got a whole little group going on now!
i've never been to Curves but there is one close to my apartment. i always have a hard time working out in places because of my schedule. i work full time, go to school part time and i have a daughter that is always with me. no where around here has a daycare with their gym. i'm pretty much limited to things i can do with her or things i can do at home. i just bought the Dancing with the Stars cardio dance dvd, i'm pretty excited about it. i also get the fit channel on my satellite dish so i've been watching that alot.

stephanie- i work with a girl who has the wii fit and she LOVES it. she keeps buying all these different accessories for it, she said it keeps her motivated pretty well. i'm definitely trying to keep my good work up but its getting ridiculous. but instead of weighing myself, i started measuring again, which has helped me stay focused. i never really believe that muscle weighs more than fat blah blah blah, but even though i haven't lost a pound in a month, i've lost about 7 inches so thats awesome to know.
i know what you mean about not thinking you're that big. i always just considered myself a curvy girl, not ''obese'' ya know. i'm 5' 8'' and i was blessed with a pretty large chest so even though i weighed too much, i don't think it showed as much because of my frame. i don't know, i could just be making excuses lol.

sunni4lyf- i know exactly what you talking about being overweight since 4 or 5! i never knew i was ''the little chubby cute kid'' until my mom told be a couple years ago. whenever i saw pictures, i just thought i was healthy looking, not chubby! i couldn't believe it! but of course, thats my support system right there lol. i will say i definitely didn't feel cute before losing the 35lbs but i'm starting to feel a little better, not where i would like, but better and for me thats a start!

babs7119- i'm the same way with exercise, it has to be fun or i won't do it at all! i'm looking forward to my dancing with the stars workout today, i'll let you know. i don't know if you like to dance or anything like that, but i've noticed those are the workouts i do best with. although, if i had my way, cardio would be at a dance club, with cute guys, and drinks lol

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, i'm going to spend the day with my family and listen to them pick apart what i'm eating and why i'm not eating more and blah blah blah, yeah not looking forward to it!

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