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Default I'd recommend a step bench

Hi jjbear. Fitday ate my last reply, so I'm trying again.

My sister has the Tony Little Gazelle. Her two boys are always hurting themselves on it! It's not safe to have around kids, in my opinion (hers, too.)

Plus, for the money? You could get a step bench for half that cost.

I'm a mom, too. When my daughter was small, I paid $80 for The Step aerobic bench that came with a short videotape workout.

I've had that for 12 years, used it quite a bit - and it's still as good as new. (The video tape not so Over the years, I've picked up new tapes and now rent DVDs from Netflix when I want to try new things or instructors. My step doubles as a weight training bench, too. I still love it.

If I were buying today, I'd pick up the Cory Everson bench for $50 - it comes with a video. It looks like a good value, and would get you started.
Take a look:

Or... on that same page, there's a Step Body Infusion set that comes with a balance ball, resistance bands, etc. that looks like a good deal.

Good luck, chica!
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