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Default Good MORning! It's Day 6!

Hey all! Tenk you... Tenk you... for the warm welcome and 'atta girl' type comments.

I like it!

Although it's my 'day off', I plan to walk/run some intervals on the treadmill today. Mostly, because I plan to be BAD with my food choices. I think dear daughter and I will be going out for buffalo chicken wings.

Yikes.... there's my fat intake for a week!

If I wanna play, I've gotta pay. Hence the intervals. I've gotta earn that treat, ya know?

I should still have a large deficit at the end of the day, so I'm not gonna worry.

To keep myself busy and my mind off the cigs, I've been de-cluttering some cabinets, drawers and ooooh... my desk looks all organized and pretty now! I even backed up my hard drive yesterday.

I'm feeling very good about the feng-shui-ness of it all.

Ooh... almost forgot: 85 days, 60 (planned) workouts to go!
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