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Default A Plant-Based Diet or "Have You Tried The Genesis 1:29 Way?"

Obesity is running rampant in the Black communities of America. I am seeing the issue being addressed by many within our communities. The SAD wasn't really the way for us to eat. It is even destroying the health of the majority now. If it is harming the majority, you KNOW what it has done and is doing to the minority.

As a Black woman who happens to be Jewish, I was looking for a way to help my health as well as keep kosher. What did I discover? The Genesis 1:29 Diet. I just remembered reading this in the Torah and in synagogue. I could not believe that I had overlooked this! Eat as natural as you can. Basically, a vegetarian or plant-based diet. Are there any other Sistas/Brothas/Jewish/non-Jews who are eating this way on FitDay? If so, join in the topic.
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