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Default Well, I Am Getting There!

At 54, I am starting a new journey. My first 50 was traumatic and much was because of my weight. I was made fun of by family members especially and those on the outside of family. I never thought that I could measure up to anything. But, one morning, in late December 2009, I woke up with this attitude: I am going to take back my health. I have not looked back since.

I started the 100-Day Veggie Challenge to motivate myself. I am not eating eggs, cheese, butter, oils, milk, salt, sugar, sodas, breads for now. Maybe later for that. What am I eating? I am eating beans, large salads loaded with veggies, brown rice, almond milk. It is very cold and this helps me to stay warm and filled up. When I eat raw, I feel better and notice many changes in my body.

I shall keep you posted if you would like?!
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