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Default Create a custom food

Originally Posted by 123888 View Post
Great easy recipe - thanks!
I'm on Atkins as well. I make a low carb mac and cheese but have no idea how to log it into Fitday (today is day 1 using fitday). Do you know how to log in a dish that has a long list of ingredients including things not listed on fitday like Dreamfields LowCarb noodles. I would hate to have to list a dozen ingredients everytime i cook this. Do you know how to do this? Thanks, Barb
Hi Barb,

Congratulations on the decision to start Atkins and to use FitDay!

I have found that the foods already listed in FitDay, especially the prepared foods, are not very accurate. For your low carb mac & cheese I would recommend adding up all the nutritional values of the separate ingredients on paper, then create a custom food with those values. That way, you only need to add the one custom food to your food log and it will always be there in your custom food list. Actually, I enter anything I have the nutritional information for as a custom food because the ones on the list are usually inaccurate. The only time I use the ones from the list are in situations when I don't have the nutritional information. For example, if I have a cobb salad at a restaurant I will just use the fitday version of cobb salad and estimate the amount in cups. It's probably not terribly accurate, but it does provide a guideline.

Best of luck!

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