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Hey, I am new to all this. Thinking if I journal I will take this seriously and get down to my goal weight. I would like to share what I have done in hope that it may help you some. Ive lost about 23lbs so far and know if I get back to business it will continue just needing to get my focus back. I ate anything i wanted except bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, soda or sugary drinks, sweets (only sugar free candy & cookies) lots of fruit any meat cooked any way, yogurt, cheese, nuts, lots of fruit & vegies (the few veggies i like) I did eat lots of beans and corn so I didnt eliminate all carbs but it the weight was coming off with no exercise... it worked better for me than anything else I have tried... hope it may help u too!! good luck... funny thing was like 2 days after I stopped eating those things, I didnt even want them anymore... gotta get focused and get back to it!
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