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Originally Posted by mkgbts View Post
Hello! any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

In January I started my weight loss, weighing in at my highest ever, 263lbs. (Keep in mind, I am 26 year old female and I am about 5'5.)

I was going GREAT! Averaging about 2.1 lbs loss per week, I lost 50 lbs from January 1st to June 11th. Once I hit 50 lbs it was like I hit a brick wall...I have lost VERY little in the last 5 weeks. HELP!!!

I figured out, according to my food logging, my carbs were out of control between 130g - 160g per day, so I have been cutting that down drastically, but having a hard time reaching 1200 calories a day that way, also my fat intake which was about 20gs avg has significantly raised trying to cut my carbs.

Please help me, I need advice! I still have another 50 lbs to loose!
Have you reduced your calories since you've dropped 50lbs?

Fat is a metabolically active tissue, so with less fat comes the neeed for less calories. Some suggest a 50 calories reduction for every 10lbs lost.
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