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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
Ah, I see.

Well then, carry on doing your oats and whey post-workout. I'd say the peanut butter is better than "cheese spread," so you can eat that plain a couple tablespoons a day and/or toss it into your PWO also. Try to avoid the oats until after you've trained for the day. Based on your height/weight I'd say you're at a pretty good raw weight and your bf% is pretty enviable too, so unless you're cutting to ration your good stuff I'm not sure it's all that necessary.

You could try switching up your routine a little if you find you're plateauing. I'm doing a upper-lower split four days/week right now that sees two days upper body and two days lower body; one day of each is max effort (lifting heavy) and one day of each is dynamic effort (lifting fast). I try to get in some intervals or a long walk/jog on each of those days too. There's a lot of flexibility in the program and it's still built around the Big 3 lifts. Just a thought.

Oh yeah, Godspeed.
Yeah, in the future when asking for advice I should probably throw that kicker in there... I can't wait to be back from deployment to where I can actually cook my own food and buy my own groceries, let alone have a REAL gym.

I agree with the "Cheese Spread" I didn't really want to eat it but it's got a lower calorie content with the same fat and less carbs than the PB. They are both obviously insanely processed and full of hydrogenated oils I'm sure, but it's the best that I can do.

Thanks for the lifting advice, I've been wanting to look into some different workouts as long as they incorporate the big three. It's difficult to lift as heavy as I'd like out here because of actual lack of weights and proper equipment. And I hate that I had to cut out cardio as much as I've had to. I LOVE to run but haven't been able to here because there's no treadmill and no where to run on the FOB. It's tiny and all gravel and I don't want to risk spraining an ankle that would hinder my workouts and mission capability. All in all, these are the worst conditions to try and get in shape under.
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