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From the sounds of what the FitDay guys are saying, you do *not* enter the Sugar into any field at all.

I just bought the program today on advice from a friend and was astonished it doesn't track sugar separately from all carbs. There is a massive difference between total carb count from highly processed sugar foods and natural fruits and veggies. That I can't indicate (or see) the difference pretty much makes it only useful for tracking the fat vs protein ratio I'm getting because the carbs is a completely useless number for people who cut sugars (especially processed sugars) out and try to get carbs entirely from veggies and fruits.

Smacking myself for not trying the free web based one first.

Beyond that one issue I love it... but the way I approach my food choices I really prefer to see the actual amount that are sugars. Time to put in a feature request I guess. I really hope I'm just missing something.
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