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Default Oh, Depo-Provera and my obesity.

First of all, I'll say hello, I'm new. I think this place could really help me chart my progress and such and give me some support. =)
Now, on to what this thread is about.
I am on the Depo-Provera birth control shot, and since going on it, I've gained 15 pounds. (I went on it January of last year.) I went on it because it does pretty much stop menstruation. I used to get extremely painful cysts on my ovaries during every period of ovulation. My doctor recommended going on Depo to cease the ovulation process. I was all for it, and honestly, I'd like to stay on the shot. Besides the weight gain, I've had no other side effects, and I love the ease of the shot, and the fact that I don't get the cysts.
I'm in the obese range, so losing weight is a necessity at this point. My question to all of the women here is, is it possible to lose weight while on Depo? Anyone have any experience with this? is offline   Reply With Quote