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I've a question for you Insanity users who weren't hardcore cardio people before starting:

How was your initial performance with the early workouts? Do you try to keep your heart rate in normal aerobic range?

I borrowed the set from a friend, and honestly can't get through the warmup without several breaks, much less the whole workout. I figure I'm probably getting about 30-35% of the workout (guesstimate based on #reps, intensity, and endurance), and feel like a real wimp. I'm 37, male, about 20lbs overweight (wouldn't guess it looking at me, at least with a shirt on) at 5'10" and 181lbs. I'm very strong for my size, and still in moderately decent shape (my exercise used to be lifting weights 5days/wk, multiple surgeries have all but put an end to that.) I've always hated doing cardio--trying to change my ways here.

Very interested in hearing what your initial reactions were, and how long it took you to get up to speed with the program, and if you've got any tips about how you adapted, if you had to modify the program to work your way up, etc.

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