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Originally Posted by shodashwop View Post
I started insanity 2 weeks ago and ive never worked out so hard in my entire life. It was like going from 0 to 10 in a single day. I do it everyday with multiple people that I stay with and im very dedicated but because they keep taking days off because of their aches and pains I do too. the more days I take off the less good I feel. so my advice is to never take a day off unless you have a severe injury. If your muscles hurt I'd keep going,the only way my muscles felt at ease was when I worked and stretched them.
I dont follow the meal plan..I dont have 5 meals. I have 3 meals with a snack between breakfast and lunch. and between lunch and dinner. all mostly 2-3 hours apart. Im too scared to have 5 meals and gaining weight. just do what works for you body
Its very important you eat the amount of food they tell you too. If you want to lose weight then you only want to cut your total calories by 300. Your body needs the additional food to keep up with the demands that Insanity is putting on it. If you aren't eating enough your body will start storing fat to make sure it has "nutrients" available. If you give it enough it will start burning the fat, because your body knows it will be getting more.
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