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155 lbs! That's amazing!

It's such a weird and wonderful thing to lose so much weight, isn't it? You feel more comfortable in your skin, and everything seems to just be easier. You do have the problem of having to replace your wardrobe (in your case, probably several times!)

As for me, in February 2008, I was 272 lbs at 5' 8". I had tried losing weight several times before and after, but never took it too seriously. I got down to 264 by January 2009 mostly out of sheer luck. I tried losing weight again and lost 10lbs in the first month, only to give up again. I got serious in late May because I was going to Walt Disney World and needed to be in shape to be able to do all that walking. So I went from 254lbs in early June to 247lbs in early July. Disney World wasn't my real goal though -- this time I wanted to actually be fit.

This time I was motivated by the fact that when I got back from Disney I was 241lbs. I was able to enjoy myself at my favorite vacation spot and STILL lose weight. I was also motivated by the fact that I got sick while at Disney World and scared my family by getting chest pains.

Now, on January 4th I am 180 (actually 179.8) lbs. I've gone from a size 42 pants to a size 32 pants. I fit into a medium shirt the other day.

My wife has been losing weight too. She's a bit frustrated because she started at a slightly lower weight than myself and is currently at a slightly higher weight. I've lost 92lbs, sue's lost about 65lbs. Both of us feel a lot better, but are not done yet. My goal is 164 (a BMI of 24.9), and I want to change my body shape to add a good amount of muscle (being a guy and a little vain...).

Keep it up! And keep it off!
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